Restaurant Subenshi

Restaurant Subenshi

Aveiro, Portugal | View Map
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FERREIRA ARQUITETOS en tant que Architectes.

The Subenshi restaurant’s owner, in Aveiro, challenged us to intervene in the existing catering space of one of the dining rooms. The existing space was already considered, by its clients, of excellence, due to its quality and presentation, which turned this project even more demanding. We wanted to improve the atmosphere and comfort of the dining room, and still preserve its identity. There was a bar area in the room’s lower bound, which didn’t work, and was later converted to a restoration zone, with a U-shaped bench with the purpose of boosting its utility. We offered continuity to the existing roof, and built a “Moliceiro” that seemed to make perfect sense given the presence of the Ria canals, in Aveiro. At the top of the room the entire wall surface was covered with moss and a full-width mirror with hidden lighting, meant to magnify and reflect the recreated atmosphere. When it comes to the furniture planning, some of the existing sofas were replicated, but we designed the structure of the tables and respective tops with an equal finish to the one used to the boat, creating a connection between both. Taking into account the needs of logistical support to the employees’ service, a counter was added to the entrance area of the room, which welcomes its clients and defines this new space. The quality of this project would never have been possible without the support of Broomstick, Beetlewood and CASCI.

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