Residence Pfarrmessner

Residence Pfarrmessner

Pedevilla Architects
Sterzing, Südtirol, Italy | View Map
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Gustav Willeit
Fiche technique du produit

ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Video intercom systemGira
Door handle – Stossgriff Modell 200/206 and Windows handlepba S.p.A
Switches - LS990Jung HQ
Bathtub - Vero 1700x750mmDuravit
Mineral wool - WDVS - MineralwolleROCKWOOL International A/S
Exterior plaster – Außenputz modelliertSto AG

Fiche technique du produit
Video intercom system
Door handle – Stossgriff Modell 200/206 and Windows handle
Switches - LS990
Bathtub - Vero 1700x750mm
Mineral wool - WDVS - Mineralwolle
Exterior plaster – Außenputz modelliert
by Sto AG

Residence Pfarrmessner

Pedevilla Architects en tant que Architectes.

The recently completed residence Pfarrmessner is situated at the southern outskirts of the city of Sterzing, at approximately 950 meter above sea level. The building, which is generally orientated east and westwards, is separated into four storeys, while each one of the four apartments develops differently on these floors. Designed as a building of solid construction, it features a concrete bearing structure with an insulated plaster facade. While the interior layout describes an outmost individual character, the building itself rather appears to be homogenous, even monolithic, emphasised by its uniform porphyry-red stone colouration.

The colour of the building’s facade has been aligned to the natural environment, with its regional and commonly occurring porphyry. The aggregates of this particular stone were added to the concrete, all surfaces sluiced-out afterwards. For the outer surface, a specific spatula-technique was employed, applying solely organic, fine-grain modelling plaster. All metal surfaces at the facade on the other hand have exclusively been powder-coated with the same colour hue. Every apartment has, hence the rough climate in this region, also sheltered exteriors in the shape of loggias. A cosy and comfortable interior climate is provided by an ecological insulation, as well as insulating glass with thermal-insulated window profiles and automatic ventilation with an energy recovery system.

Material Used :

1. STO Milano - Exterior plaster – Außenputz modelliert

2. Rockwool - Mineral wool - WDVS - Mineralwolle

3. PBA - Door handle – Stossgriff Modell 200/206

4. Jung - Switches - LS990

5. Gira - Video intercom system -

6. PBA - Windows handle –

7. Catalano - Sinks - Zerodomino 1250x500xh190mm

8. Duravit - Bathtub - Vero 1700x750mm

9. Geberit - Press plate WC - Bolero 115.777.11.1

10. Leitner - Lights – Led/Halogen

11. Hoppe - Door hinges - Modell Amsterdam

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