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Residence OW

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Residence OW

ST design studio en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

Two owners with completely different lifestyles want a space tha extremely pure and simple. One of the owners with architectural background hopes that the overall configuration can be unique.


Therefore, we took the spatial structure as the starting point , making sure that the proposed design is based on architectural concepts. We got rid of the common space arrangement of having a wall with a door. We decided to define the space with the installation of a single structure.


To achieve this, all existing walls were removed. In the center of the whole room, we established a structure using only birch plywood, just like a small building. Diverse interactions happen in between structure and void. When facing the living room, the part of the structure works as a shelf, providing space for display and storage; when facing the bedroom, the part works as a wardrobe; when facing the window where the space is given enough light, the part works as a nisch. A space where they would enjoy their time alone.


The circulation is also flexible. Through the use of a sliding door, rich spatial connections are created. There are more than two connections between the bedroom, storage space, dressing room, passageway and living room. Two owners can use the same area conveniently while maintaining their individual lifestyles, giving each enough privacy and space.


Except for the central structure, the overall space is kept white. With white walls and grey floor, the whole space becomes just like a white box. There is balance between the plywood volumn and the overall grayish space, and it shows independence yet feels integrated at the same time.


On the feature wall of the bedroom, a large blue circle gives it weight. It also brings the center of gravity to the overall light sense. It is a necessary background.

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Air conditioning - Wall Mounted Type Ururu SararaDaikin
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Fiche technique du produit
Air conditioning - Wall Mounted Type Ururu Sarara
by Daikin
Painting - A986U All-in-One Emulsion Tinting
Display system - Display Fixture
by Kawajun
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