Residence C

Residence C

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Residence C

ST design studio en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

A residence space in Taipei City, a renovation of a traditional Taiwanese residential building with classic problems of usage and lighting. We redefined the space with minimal touch and lively green tiles(a very traditional tile color used a lot in residential buildings in Taiwan) ,the contrast between them makes the space more dynamic and adds nostalgic feeling to the newly redefined space.



The 30-year old apartment is in a residential area at the border of Taipei City with a good view of the area because it is 15 floors high. You can see the low-rise school opposite the house, which adds to its charm for not blocking the view. The location let you enjoy the scenic urban view and the mountain from afar, and the lighting of the space is excellent.


Although the condition is well, the previous layout places the kitchen and walk-in closet next to the window, completely blocking the light and view. The former homeowner included the balcony as part of indoor space in order to gain more storage space. Although the indoor space has increased, the main living space became dark.


The owners of the house consist of a couple and their daughter. It is a three-person family who wish to have an open space. They also want a space that is as neutral and flexible as possible. With some possible changes in the future, they hope they can arrange the space flexibly.


The key of the transformation this time is to move the kitchen and the walk-in closet inward. By doing this, the window can be uncovered and sunlight will be able to seep through, and the residents can enjoy the spectacular scenery on the 15th floor. In order to high-light the window view, we installed jade-like emerald green tiles on the outer wall, which was used a lot in traditional residential buildings in Taiwan. The green strip around the who not only echoes with the distant mountain views, but also letting this chill atmosphere infect the entire area.


With the relocation of the walk-in closet, the window of the master bedroom is fully expanded into a continuous long window. The green tiles match the black shutters, not only adding to a sense of privacy, but also gives off a retro feeling, filling the master room with a strong aura.


The kitchen was moved to the inner part of the house and is separated from the living room by a structure made of metal and glass that still allows light to get in and gives glimpses of the scenery. Therefore, although the  kitchen is located in the inner part, it is not isolated at all.


Because of the changes listed above, the most important public area can be integrated and redefined. Not only is it larger and more complete, lighting and scenery can also have their access to the room, achieving the original goal of an more open living space. The visually open kitchen and the surrounding emerald green tiles interact with each other. They give the space a leisurely living atmosphere without losing its features and variability.


The owner's furniture collection is mainly made of wood, and they also plan to purchase Japanese wooden furniture. The neutral space therefore should be the background for it. The whole color tone is grayscale, such as the gray cement surface wall, the rough brushed white ceiling, the detailed white cabinets and wall, the black bookshelf, the different textures of gray and white in harmony with each other, making the space quiet but with rich layers, setting off the furniture texture without losing its own style.


Overall, the task of this renovation is more than redefining and transforming the space. More importantly, it brings out the nostalgic emotion and integrate it into the new design. The overall tone of gray and white makes the green tile a great contrast to the space. The combination of old and new makes the space lively without complexity.


Material Used:

1. Plywood

2. Tiles

3. Felix Board

4. Mineral Painting

5. Laminate Floor

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