Residence, Böblingen

Residence, Böblingen

Böblingen, Germany
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Olaf Nagel

Top-class oasis of comfort

Jung HQ en tant que Fabricants.

Originally built in 1970, the owners decided in 2012 to modernise this single-family home in Böblingen to meet the needs of the future. Thus began the insulation of the roof with a top-class bath to be constructed in the newly created 18-square metre space in the attic. After 12 weeks of conversion, a true oasis of comfort appeared, exactly as the owners requested. Purist, easy to maintain, seamless and expansive. The space under the sloping roof finds optimal use through the placement of the bathtub. From here, the residents can enjoy views of the sky. The centrally positioned shower blurs spatial boundaries and creates a visual appearance of abundant space. The breathable walls and their smooth finish underscore the purist character of the room and ensure a healthy indoor climate.

Lighting and heating in the bathroom are controlled centrally via the KNX system. The Facility Colour Touch Panel IP from JUNG enables central operation of lighting, blinds and heating, among other functions, from its colour TFT touchscreen. Occupants can also use the JUNG app on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to operate functions remotely. The four recessed wall speakers can also be controlled using a smartphone.

KNX touch sensors from JUNG, in the classic LS 990 switch design in white, regulate six programmed lighting moods. KNX motion sensors provide safety in the dark by automatically switching on the lights if they sense a person moving in their detection field. No more need to search for the light switch and the risk of stumbling at night is reduced. Modern in appearance and with sophisticated technology, the new bathroom is impressive in every way!

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