Renovation design of a 40 sq meters’ living space

Renovation design of a 40 sq meters’ living space

Continuation Studio
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Building a “Mountain” in a tiny area — Renovation design of a 40 square meters’ living space

Continuation Studio en tant que Architectes.

The designer built a "mountain" made of birch multi-layer board into the 40 square meter living space, which not only broke the plan and floor pattern of conventional single bay  living space over average height, but also created various positions and line of sights in the space, creating the internal "landscape". The inner "mountain" is also related with the North Peak outside the window. So that a minimal residential unit can be connected to the urban landscape geographical structure of Hangzhou.


Material Used :
1. E0 Russian Birch Plywood 15mm/30mm (Vintage Timber Craft Co.,Ltd)
2. Concrete Coating (SKK Japan)
3. Tile (Florina)
4. Fisherman Floor Lamp (12 Hours)
5. Spotlight (SIKI Lighting Co., Ltd)

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