Renovation Boca del Lobo

Renovation Boca del Lobo

Jose Maria Saez
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José María Sáez, Daniel Moreno, David Barragán y Gabriela Delgado

Renovation Boca del Lobo

Jose Maria Saez en tant que Architectes.

The intervention gives continuty to the restaurant and creates a sort of showcase to see and be seen. The soil is platform, stage or seating. Externally, a metal box frames the activity and is bisected by the existing tree, which becomes an iconic presence. The xisting situation is amplified, as the tree, or recycled, almost in its entirety.

The walls of the old building are cut with a saw and then moved to form new walls. The wooden ceiling is lifted and extended, strengthened by external tensors. The structure of the deck allows to obtain vast interior spaces with a single continuous visible support.

The strong personality of La Boca del Lobo is present in this expansion. Like a collage, three strips of different materials (metal recycling red tool, religious iconography tile, and the bar of rough-hewn wooden planks) accommodate a baroque setting of people and objects designed by the clients themselves.

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