Removing Architectural Barriers
Rubén P. Bescós

Removing Architectural Barriers

azpilicueta architecture and landscape en tant que Architectes.

ARGA is the title of the mural that the artist César Barrio has created, inspiring by the fluvial landscape of the locality, specially by the sights of the White Horse, of Pamplona.

PRECEDENTS The building is in an emblematic place, in the center of Pamplona, is a work of the architect Fernando Redón, one of the most prestigious of Navarre architects, with a great professional path. The building has 48 years of antiquity.

The owners, in the main, present a very advanced age. Some of them, included a person with physical - sensory disabilities, were very worried in his disability to raise the stairs that were connecting with his housings. The principal elevator was presenting a difference of 8 stairs and the secondary one a difference of 14 steps. There appears the reform to make accessible the tours that connect the exterior, with the door of access to the housings.

FUNCTIONAL PROPOSAL There appears the suppression of the stairs that connect both existing elevators with the street. The elevators and the doors of existing elevators do not allow the step of wheelchairs. The portal, it possesses deficiencies in the electrical common installation. Two new accessible elevators appear, suitable for persons with physical - sensory limited capacities.

RESPECT AND INTEGRATION WITH EXISTING MATERIALS The portal of access to the housings, it has an own air of the 70s, is designed by means of a magnificent combination of noble materials, since they are Macael's white marble in wide spaces, the parquet floor of wood, treated with a more domestic character and the carpentry of stainless steel on the outside. The material criteria are respected, by means of the use of 3 materials that shape nowadays the portal: Macael's marble, wood and stainless steel.

There are promoted the primary lines of exterior composition, by means of the reutilization of the marble and the exterior carpentry. The geometry generated of the space arises, after fulfilling the functional needs.

There are generated abocinamientos, that on the one hand satisfy the requirements of mobility and on the other hand, allow with an alone gesture of design, to connect the space of entry with the existing stairs and to generate the anteroom of the loading of the elevators. The battery of mailboxs is positioned, so that they are comfortable and accessible.

ARTISTIC PROPOSAL An artistic offer appears, ARGA joined the lateral wall. The artist has promoted the game of "mirrors", by means of the piece inspired by the river that crosses the city of Pamplona, the river Arga. By night, by means of the reflection of the crystal and the marble, the artistic piece, it expands his limits. The mural is a vibrant element, with sensitive and changeable tonalities of light. The neutral space, with reflections, multiplies the painting in all his directions.

SUBSIDY FOR IMPROVEMENT OF ACCESSIBILITY The service of Rehabilitation Protected from the Government of Navarre has granted a help of 29.843 €, for the elimination of architectural barriers.

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