Regeneración Calle Unterhacing

Regeneración Calle Unterhacing

Jiménez y Bazán Arquitectos SLP
Adeje, Spain
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Regeneración Calle Unterhacing

Jiménez y Bazán Arquitectos SLP en tant que Architectes.

INTRODUCTION The project arises inside the Convenio de Regeneración de Espacios Turísticos of the Tenerife Island (which management is chargeable to SPET, Turismo de Tenerife, S. A.), signed between the Insular Chapter of Tenerife, the Adeje’s town halls, Arona, Puerto de la Cruz and Santiago del Teide and the Asociación Hotelera y Extrahotelera de la Provincia de Santa Cruz de Tenerife (ASHOTEL), and the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife in order to improve the quality of the tourist zones of the island of Tenerife.

CURRENT SITUATION The Unterhaching Street is an urban singular space of 9.104 ' 40 m ² that supposes the access pedestrian and rolled up to one of the most relevant tourist spaces of the Canary Isles since is the Playa del Duque in Adeje. His tracing has a section that acts of maritime walk opened for the sea that ends in a great closed square in if same for the existence of a natural roque on the coast that believes the only space like great urban foyer before the Playa del Duque.

OBJECTIVES The existence of several public underground parking lots in the environment, included the existing one and in use, under the urban space of the square, they determine satisfied the demand of parking and make clear the prejudice that causes the excess of cars in surface opposite to the lack of public urban space destined for the scattering as complement to the beach in the whole hotel and residential area of the environment.

Therefore the principal aim of the project consists of the creation of an urban pedestrian space that obtains an improvement of the urban image under criteria of universal accessibility, creating a significant space of stay with the insertion of vegetation, elements of shade, movably and new lighting, beside improving the urban services and the drainage of the rain waters.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION In the first section the pedestrian sidewalk of the side extends sea that thinks up from the Mall Plaza del Duque towards the Playa del Duque, allowing to incorporate the green spaces into the walk as well as to enjoy the sights towards the sea. This route supports both senses of traffic though it eliminates the parkings of the side sea to incorporate a rail bicycle leaving of the side mountain the services of taxi, load and unload and containers of garbages.

In the space before the Playa del Duque the surface of parking transforms in an urban singular space of pedestrian scattering that will suppose a reference on the coast of Adeje's Municipality. For it a few big pergolas join for the generation of shade and there are inserted new circular window boxes that distribute the urban space creating zones of stay and zones of game inserted in a fluid space and connected good that improves substantially the relation between beach, trade, city and landscape.

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