Refurbishment Simon Building
José Oller

Refurbishment Simon Building

Equipo Olivares Arquitectos en tant que Architectes.

The current project stands on the site obtained from the internal emptying of the listed buildings. The new block starts from the preservation of the listed facades, ensuring the stability of the building with a metal structure. So, in accordance with the facade preservation, we pose a unique strategy to built one building where they were two buildings before: we propose a core-courtyard to save the different pre-existing levels, joining them to the floor slabs. The new volume is recessed to avoid facing slabs with old voids.

The cornice of the roof has been aligned to unify both volumes. It is a shiny and bright volume with no edges, which its expressiveness is defined by the `Macael' marble tiles. We redesign the window display on the ground floor using marble and mulberry wood.

The resulting building, finally, seeks to highlight the original principles with the reconstruction of the woodwork, floral ironmongery and the ornamental elements of the facade. We propose a neat ending with an elegant roof using natural top quality materials, which emphasize the value of the volume without competing with the original block.

• Architects:                    JAVIER PÉREZ-ALCALDE SCHWARTZ


RAQUEL PADRÓN LASO (collaborator)

           • Surveyor:                             JOSÉ FLOREAL MARTÍNEZ

           • Office name:                       equipo olivares arquitectos

           • Project title:                        REHABILITACIÓN EDIFICIO SIMÓN

           • Developer:                           EPCOT Canaria S.L.

           • Year of completion:          2016

           • Built area:                            826,91 m²

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