Redevelopment project of a historic building

Redevelopment project of a historic building

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Restoration and redevelopment project of a historic building

LCA_Luigi Cafiero Architetti & Partners en tant que Architectes.

The work sums up the project for the restoration and requalification of a historic building, in the town of Caserta (Campania), built between the XVII and XVIII century.


The planning decisions were driven by the will to guarantee a contemporary use of the spaces (to be adapted as housing and commercial premises), respecting the architectural system and, above all, preserving and valorising the building historic value.


Starting from an accurate analysis of the topical elements, the restoration work aims at enhancing the original elements, to bring them close to the aesthetic and cultural sensibility of the contemporaneity. That is not a forcing, as architecture is, due to its constitution and vocation, a cross-over between innovation and tradition. The project, then, proposes a language that combines ancient and modern, by continuously searching harmony and equilibrium.


In the restoration and requalification work, the building has been analysed both with reference to the original context (the closeness and the hierarchy with respect to Vanvitelli’s Royal Palace) and with reference to the contemporary urban fabric, the belonging to and conditioning in accessibility and usability, has been pointed out.


As regards to the recovery, the first aim has been to guarantee suitable answers to the requirements enforced by laws in the fields of energetic and environmental impact. At the same time, the project focussed on the plan organization and on the choice of materials through an approach able to guarantee continuity at the historic tradition, to give a new meaning to it.

Material Used :

1. Naturalia BAU - thermal coat and surface finish of the facade

2. Galala marble - floors and facade cladding

3. M2infissi - windows

4. Velux - roof windows

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Fiche technique du produit

Roof windowsVELUX Commercial
Thermal coat and surface finish of the facadeNaturalia BAU
Fiche technique du produit
Roof windows
Thermal coat and surface finish of the facade
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