Redevelopment of an existing property

Redevelopment of an existing property

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Redevelopment of an existing property

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The task is to investigate options for the subsequent use of the former kindergarten building from 1965 in the city center of the little town of Urbar. A mix of uses is desired, in particular a meeting place for the citizens.


But first there is the question of whether demolition/new construction or renovation/remodeling is the better solution for the building. This fundamental decision - demolition or reuse - questions the handling of the building stock resource.


In connection with the increasingly important idea of sustainability, it should be borne in mind that if the existing building is demolished, not only the entire energy that the construction process including the production of the building materials consumed will be destroyed. The disposal of the demolition material is also associated with costs and energy expenditure. In times of climate change and scarce resources, this is a strong argument for preserving the old building and reusing or reusing the existing architectural potential.


We have organized the various uses required in the existing building so that diverse synergies are made possible. However, the old building is not enough for the complete room program and must therefore be extended by an upper floor - as a light wooden building. The desired doctor's offices would then be located on the upper floor.


On the ground floor, in the former rooms of the kindergarten, the required bistro or meeting café, including the kitchen, and the sanitary facilities would be located. A little shop is planned too. The municipal office with the meeting room could be placed on the same level. In the basement, fitness rooms including changing rooms and sanitary facilities will be set up for a sports club.


The long rectangular structure summarizes the program as a linear sequence of rooms. From the outside, the converted building with the additional floor fits perfectly into the ensemble of the new town houses. It is conceivable to occupy the flat roof area with PV modules.


Architectural design: Prof. Henner Herrmanns & Hung Nguyen

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