Red Bull London Head Quarters

Red Bull London Head Quarters

Dthree Studio
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Année du projet
Ben Reed
Fiche technique du produit

ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Bar was Sweet & Chilli and partitioning was Forme Partitions Metal Works London
Bespoke Metal worksMetcalfe Metal
Banquette Seating, Bespoke Joinery, Bespoke Metal worksParagon Design Joinery
Bespoke Metal worksSweet & Chilli
Lighting: Combination of existing and assorted pendant lightingTES Electrical
FurnitureTribe Furniture

Fiche technique du produit
Bar was Sweet & Chilli and partitioning was Forme Partitions
Bespoke Metal works
Banquette Seating, Bespoke Joinery, Bespoke Metal works
Bespoke Metal works
Lighting: Combination of existing and assorted pendant lighting

Red Bull London Head Quarters

Dthree Studio en tant que Architectes.

Dthree Studio were appointed by the global giant, Red Bull, to create an impressive and memorable London Head Quarters for their business and people to thrive in. The new HQ had to reflect the brand and portray not just the iconic energy drink, but the ethos of Red Bull as a whole. This complex and fascinating business supports and invests in truly remarkable athletes, artists, and charities. Therefore Dthree needed to create a space that could both support this as well as grow with it. Dthree’s task was to ensure the multi-faceted presence and personality of the business were all embodied and reflected by the new space. Essentially building on the idea of the design giving their staff and visitors wings as they move throughout the workspace.


Despite the brand restrictions, Dthree were able to design and deliver some clever solutions that reallyimprint the brand on your subconscious.


Visitors invited to wait on the fourth-floor landing area get a subtle view of the office space through aslatted timber design. The significance? It’s all based on the rhombus image on a Red Bull can. Anothersubtle nod to the brand is by way of a specially-designed bleacher that wraps around the corner space ofthe room – the side edge of which is at the exact same 12.7-degree angle as the Red Bull rhombus.


Due to the different facets of the business never being under one roof, it was vital the space felt connected and offered a sense of togetherness as well as a balance of independence. As a solution Dthree focused on adaptability using folding walls, fabric acoustics, and carefully selected product specifications to create collaborative and innovative areas throughout the entire building which could also be closed off when needed - varying in size, facilities and style to mirror the dynamic nature of the business.


A key feature of the new office and a differentiator from its predecessor, is that it offers a truly connected space. Both horizontally and vertically, the office interior offersfluid movement, accessibility and a feeling of cultural connectedness. To help enablethis, a new staircase was designed and installed at the ‘buzzy’ side of the building,giving the fourth and fifth floors a new prime connection. This allows the vibrancy andenergetic atmosphere of the area to flow between floors. In contrast, at the other endof the fifth floor is a semi-enclosed working space, intentionally kept separate as afocused working area for teams that generally require a very quiet environment.


The Dthree team went to an extraordinary level of detail to ensure the layout and design of the workspace embodied Red Bull’s global presence and unique personality a well as offers constant support to their people in growing the brand further.With this unique approach, Dthree Studio and Red Bull have created as close to an office spacewith wings that you will find.


Material Used :

1. Banquette Seating: Paragon Design Joinery 
2. Metal works: Bar was Sweet & Chilli and partitioning was Forme Partitions 
3. Decorating: Re-Decorating London
4. Furniture: Tribe Furniture 
5. Lighting: Combination of existing and assorted pendant lighting through TES Electrical 
6. Bespoke Joinery: Paragon Design Joinery
7. Bespoke Metal works: Metcalfe Metal, Paragon Design Joinery& Sweet & Chilli 

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