Recovering of the bars in restaurant Lof and cocktailbar NJOY

Recovering of the bars in restaurant Lof and cocktailbar NJOY

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Recovering of the bars in restaurant Lof and cocktailbar NJOY

Cosentino en tant que Fabricants.

The Sandton Reylof Grand Hotel is situated In a prime location in the center of Gent WITHIn walking distance of well known monuments. The hotel has been open since the 1st of July 2011. It has 156 rooms among which Cosy rooms, Charme rooms, Deluxe rooms, Executive appartements, Junior Suites, Grand Suites and a Presidential Suite.

Rogier Braakman, founder and general manager of Sandton Hotels: “The biggest asset of the hotel is its general charisma. This place has so much allure, looks beautiful and all that in the center of Gent. The combination of the old, historical premises and the newly build house at the back of the hotel with an interior garden included is unique for a city hotel. The rooms have windows till the floor and large balconies. Also special is the classified coach-house in which the wellness- and fitness rooms are located. It is an oasis of tranquility.”

The Sandton Group has started with 1 hotel in 2004. Their philosophy: create a unique hotel which is beautiful, with good service and a great staff. Guests have more and more the need for individualization. Each hotel is different. The hotel has to fit in its surroundings, integrated with local art and habits.

Unique bar furniture make the difference

Construction Group Van de Walle is responsible for the entire expansion of the hotel. They also provided the design of the different bars, one bar in het big restaurant Lof and a smaller bar in cocktail bar Njoy. They provide both bars with an exclusive look and feel they chose the material Prexury by Cosentino®. Potier Stone, member of Van de Walle Bouwgroep, received the order for working with this special material.

Johan Lobelle of Potier Stone: “It was a real challenge for our company to work with Prexury. Our company is specialized in all sorts of interior applications for both kitchens and bathrooms.

Although the material was completely new to us fabrication wise, we definitely wanted to face the challenge put to us.. Supported by technical information on how to process and the possibilities of the product, we started to test the material. Second challenge was the huge time pressure. The biggest part of the hotel was finished and the restaurant was due to open.

We had to test the material because it has to be treated with care. It is a very hard material but there is always the danger of damaging the material when it is being cut.

We managed it thanks to a team of dedicated professionals. The most important is that our customers are satisfied. The reactions have been very positive, which is also very valuable for our company. We hope to do more special projects like this in the future.”

Prexury: the right choice

Prexury is an exclusive material produced by Cosentino®. It consists of carefully selected pieces of semi –precious stones. These pieces are being fit like a puzzle and glues together with a resin. The big bar furniture was covered with Classic Quartz, resembling rock chrystal, and the small bar furniture was covered with Amethyst, purple semi-precious stone. Depending on the stone type, the stone either is translucent or not. Because Amethyst is less translucent than Classic Quartz it gives a completely different experience to the restaurant and cocktail bar.

The light effects – which bring a beautiful and warm atmosphere – are being created by no less than 33000 led lights. The combination of led lights and stone give a unique and attractive combination which technically gave a real challenge to overcome in the installation of the material. The distance between the lights and the back of the slab had to be just perfect. To achieve a smooth image there could not be any dark lines, stripes of bright spots in the slab..

Given the exclusivity of the material and its worth, the realized applications are very rare. Philippe Criel of Cosentino Group: “The decision to install such an eye-catcher here was made on a very short term.. This is the first time we have realized such a big project in Belgium. For both us as to our client Potier Stone this can be seen as a signature of what is possible with this material. We’d love to bring Prexury more into the spotlight and show that next to Silestone® we can also offer very exclusive materials to the market.”

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