Reconversion Brewery De Kroon

Reconversion Brewery De Kroon

ZAmpone Architectuur
Beekstraat 20, 3040 Neerijse, Belgium | View Map
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Jim Van Loo

Reconversion brewery De Kroon

ZAmpone Architectuur en tant que Architectes.

The former brewery ‘De Kroon’ in Neerijse is the last completely intact old brewery in Flanders. For decades, this protected complex was no longer used as a brewery. The site was fully restored to its former glory. The site revives again thanks to the new program of the museum brewery, the beer analysis centre, a small-scale new brewery and a Brewpub.


The authentic historic appearance is one of the strongest assets of the project. The preservation of the current character of the site was the first principle when implanting the new program in the building complex. With as many subtle interventions as possible in the most valuable parts, the new activities were processed in a quality manner in the site.


The new interventions have always been designed in a contemporary manner, so that a contrast between old and new results in a clearly legible whole. Only characteristic and sustainable materials were used (steel, COR-TEN steel , glass, wood, concrete and natural stone).


The most radical and visible architectural change was in the adaptation of the roof shape and the cladding of the connecting building between the original open vehicle storage place and the former old brewery.


In this volume a part of the Beer centre, the kitchen, the sanitary facilty and a tasting room is located. In terms of volumetry, we almost literally referred to an earlier construction in the same place. The new element serves as catalyst between the new and the old part. It connects the old qualities with the new architecture.

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ÉlémentMarqueProduct name
Roof Cladding – Claamsepan 401 NatuurroodKoramic
HVAC contractorAVT
Windows–Avantis 70Sapa Building System
Fiche technique du produit
Roof Cladding – Claamsepan 401 Natuurrood
HVAC contractor
by AVT
Windows–Avantis 70
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