Reading, a bridge (for Eslite)

Reading, a bridge (for Eslite)

Cheng Tsung FENG Design Studio
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Reading, a bridge

Cheng Tsung FENG Design Studio en tant que Architectes.

Taiwanese artist Cheng Tsung FENG always focuses on traditional handcrafted culture. For the large-scale installation art for Eslite Bookstore 30th Anniversary, his subject is “Chinese Stitched Binding”, which is a kind of book binding method with a long history.


When the idea becomes text, the text falls on the paper, the paper is bundled through the rope, and it finally assembles together as a book. FENG transforms this binding craft from a plane into a three-dimensional unit like a tile (more than 1500 pieces), then he combines the store's escalator to create a transitional space just like a bridge and a tunnel.


The movement of the escalator is like a book is turning pages. When people set foot on it and they will keep moving, reading is the similar concept. When people open a book and start reading, their spirit and consciousness is moving and no longer staying.


Reading is like a bridge that allows us to travel through the past and the future, through reality and fiction, between different identities and to everywhere of the world.


Dimensions: L1560 x W730 x H340cm

Materials: Japanese Cedar Wood, Cotton rope, recycled paper

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