Temporary Restoration & Sustainability Pavilion

Paolo Mestriner - studioazero en tant que Architectes.

The two micro interventions are inserted in a framework of interaction with local realities in order to provide cheap and temporary mountings through the self-construction. Temporary Restoration- the need of pointing out the seasonal vintage market, inside an important historical building unused for a long time, becomes the occasion to regenerate a place that now is more a spatial image of the city crossing than a place to stay. Starting from the historical tracks of the area, reminding the vegetable garden connected to the close convent, the design choice is set out in a sensory expositive path where the wooden elements support eight separate grass essences. The intervention concerns the west portion of the “Mercatodei Grani” and it is represented by a series of elements accompanying the passer-by till the local street market. Adjoining the existing wall, a long counter, on whose summit there is an olive tree as a vertical signal, supports a series of panels welcoming the exhibition. Other smaller elements form a chessboard of full and empty spaces and serve as supports for the essences or seats for the citizens. This place, thanks to a minimum intervention, claims the sense of belonging of the historical memory to the city life. Sustainability Pavillon- the goal of the project, pointing out the entry threshold during the fair event called Energy Day, becomes an opportunity to show the contents of the event through the best practices. Subjects such as energy, sustainability and environment are here communicated through three hundreds panels that, after being assembled to shape a twenty-five meters wall, have been given back to the provider in order to return to the production cycle, characterized by a zero impact intervention. The simple overlapping, the interruption near the two entries and the two horizontal openings form a mere foyer. As a metaphor of the subtle borderline that, from an environmental point of view, divides us from a point of no return, the new entry becomes a spatial element to indicate the “door” towards the possibility of a new environmentally compatible approach, represented by virtuous choices and behaviors.

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