Rasa dels Molins development plan

Rasa dels Molins development plan

David Closes Architects

Àngels Mas
Berga, Catalonia, Spain | View Map
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Rasa dels Molins development plan

David Closes Architects en tant que Architectes.

This is the proposal submitted to the open ideas competition held in 2000. The competition was aimed to renew the Rasa dels Molins area, in the Catalan city of Berga.

The proposal raises the recovery of the hollow of the old creek as a park. Also, the project proposes the extension of the park, and the continuity of the hollow, towards the part where the stream have disappeared by the growth of the city.

The housing and facilities proposed create a rich and a complex borders to the park and a gate that articulates the new area with the Indústria promenade.

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