Railyards Cultural Centre

Railyards Cultural Centre


Nord Architects Copenhagen

Godsbanearealerne, Aarhus, Denmark | View Map
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Adam Mørk courtesy of 3XN

Cultural Project in Aarhus

3XN en tant que Architectes.

A dynamic new hub for Art and Culture will emerge out ofa synergy between landscape and historical freight trainwarehouses in Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus. TheCultural Production Center in ‘Godsbanen’ or the formerrailyards, will be a landscaped spatiality which creates anoverall fresh and new identity within an historical framework.

From a workplace connected with the railway, the‘Godsbane’ development will become a living area ofthe city with activity and traffic flow during most of theday. The new cultural center will create an inspiringenvironment, stimulating the artistic production ofprimarily scenography, visual arts and literature. At the same time, the center will create the framework for amulti-disciplinary interaction between the artistic métiers,business and education.

The transformation of the ’Godsbane’ development placesweight on the protection of character imbued by the area’sindustrial roots, while contributing a new raw quality thatplays up to the historical framework. The workshops andMusic Café are placed in the existing halls, while the newrooms and auditoria shall be gathered under a large roofsurface.

It is precisely this roof surface that defines the meetingpoint between the existing freight train warehousesand the railyards – creating a common architecturalexpression. The roof extends a soft, green line that drawsin nature and creates a green movement from the Å valleyinwards – and out again. In that manner, the projectopens many access points and creates new life acrossboth the whole area and the whole city.

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