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Site furnishings Landscape Forms
Corrugated wall panelsCENTRIA Architectural Systems
Modular container structuresContekPro
LightingDesignplan Lighting, Inc.

Fiche technique du produit
Site furnishings
Corrugated wall panels
Modular container structures
by Erco


Ross Barney Architects en tant que Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

With a grant from the Walton Family Foundation, the City of Rogers, Arkansas has embarked on a project to design a new downtown park that will enhance economic development, spur placemaking, and improve connectivity. Situated on the east boundary of Rogers' historic downtown district, the new park has the potential to capitalize on recent public space investments and help to make downtown Rogers a regional destination.

The project utilized a robust community outreach effort, which has helped build a sense of ownership and pride from city staff and the residents. Through a digital survey that collected over 1,000 responses and in-person charrettes the design team has helped define the park's desired outcomes and objectives through the words of the community. This shared vision has resulted in five emerging priorities: Inviting, Memorable, Challenging, Beautiful, and Authentic. 

Rogers, as a city, has been defined both economically and physically by the railroad. The first plat of survey, completed in 1881, uses the rail to create a strong dividing line.  The park’s design ignores the rail as a barrier and stitches the east and west together. The result is a series of plazas that can transform throughout the day, week, month, and year. These versatile and flexible spaces create a new and distinct rhythm that extends beyond the park into adjacent streets and becomes the new city center.


Material Used :
1. Centria, corrugated wall panels
2. Palram Americas, polycarbonate roof panels
3. Vortex Aquatic Structures International, interactive water features
4. Contekpro, modular container structures
5. Acrylotex (California Sports Surfaces), pavement surfacing
6. DuraPlay, rubber playground surfacing
7. Unilock, precast unit pavers
8. Tensile Shade Products, shade structures
9. Iron Woods, IPE decking
10. Landscape Forms, site furnishings 
11. Vestre, site furnishings 
12. Landscape Structures, playground equipment
13. Ligman, lighting
14. Targetti, lighting
15. Designplan, lighting
16. Hydrel, lighting
17. ERCO, lighting
18. Lumenpulse, lighting
19. MCI, lighting
20. Gotham, lighting
21. Pinnacle, lighting
22. Meteor Lighting, lighting
23. ETC, lighting control
24. Lutron, lighting control

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