Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel

Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel

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SEFAR® Architecture TENARA Fabric Provides the Ultimate in Luxury and Light at Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel

SEFAR en tant que Fabricants.

In the heart of Surrey, England, the 185-room Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel exudes luxury, and with its newest addition — a covered rooftop terrace — the hotel is set to impress guests in all types of weather. The retractable cover to the hotel’s rooftop terrace provides form and function with the help of TENARA Fabric from SEFAR Architecture.

SEFAR Architecture provided its TENARA Fabric 4T40HF at the request of the Edwardian group, developers of four-and five-star luxury hotels with historic undertones. Plans for the additional event space were well underway when designers had a change of heart — and inspiration, after coming across the use of TENARA Fabric at the exclusive Bal Harbour Shops in Florida.

Bal Harbour Shops employed TENARA Fabric in their 6,200 sq. ft. retractable canopy that covers the outdoor shopping area, providing rain and sun protection for the commercial mall. Seeing the similarities between Bal Harbour and its hotel, including popularity and climate, the Edwardian Group desired the same combination of SEFAR Architecture’s TENARA Fabric and Uni-Systems’ En-Fold mechanized retractable system to maximize the commercial potential for the event space.

Located just 27 miles from London, the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel is a popular attraction in this historic district. At the city’s center, the hotel acts as the focal point amongst a section of town paved with granite cobblestones. Surrounded by trendy, chic boutiques and shops required an equally trendy and aesthetically-pleasing roof covering for the hotel to make efficient use of, and therefore monetize, the valuable space below.

The benefits of a retractable roof system were innumerable — especially when it comes to unpredictable weather patterns. When bad weather strikes, the retractable roof quietly unfolds, making it the ideal covering for a rooftop terrace in England and ensuring protection for its patrons. The En-Fold canopy extends at full length to 37 feet. And when it’s sunny, TENARA Fabric lets the maximum amount of light through, while providing adequate amounts of shade. TENARA Fabric's industry-leading light transmission rates of up to 40% provide superior translucency for effective and appealing light diffusion without affecting light temperature or light transmission negatively.

Most importantly, hotel guests benefit from the retractable roof above the rooftop terrace as it’s functional in all-weather conditions and adds another place to escape and enjoy a vacation.

Construction on the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel was completed in May 2015.

To learn more about SEFAR Architecture’s TENARA Fabric, visit http://www.tenarafabric.com.

About SEFAR Architecture: SEFAR Architecture is a leading manufacturer of monofilament precision and ePTFE yarn fabrics and fabric systems for interior and exterior architectural applications. With comprehensive kno,ledge in textile architecture, Sefar has cooperated with experienced lighting technicians and polymer experts to develop a new generation of fabrics for the architectural and design community. For more information on SEFAR Architecture’s products and services, call Peter Katcha at 727-388-4919 or visit www.sefar.us.

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