Rafael Gama y Onnis Luque


A.flo+ (Arquitectos) en tant que Architectes.

The main goal of this project, located in Mexico City, was to maximize the marketable square meters.With this on sightAfloArquitectos made sure that all spaces had the correct balance between functionality, usability, comfort and aesthetics, in addition to considering the proper and efficient development of the project for which its delivery will be held on a timely manner.Another determining factor was the complicated topography that added a degree of complexity to the program that was resolved with ease and efficiency right to the daily operation of the property.

The multi-block housing development allowed 6 generous houses according to the regulations and interests of the client.The process was a great teamwork among all participants; the developer, builder and architects joined their experience to achieve a perfectly executed project that was very fulfilling to the team.

The project is located in a ravine so it was decided to exploit the vertical circulation with horizontal distributions to achieve the greatest benefit for the users and giving them the opportunity to make the most of communal living and privacy.

Having a house with a garden is a great privilege for the inhabitants of Mexico City and in this area of the city in particular is a fortune for which you have to invest a lot.This concept becomes the overall commercial strategy and constructive challenge to build retaining walls to the ground and the development of the slope declining.R2394 correctly solves all objectivesoffering six attractive residences with garden in an exclusive condominium scheme that benefits all owners.

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