Querini park greenhouses

Querini park greenhouses

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Querini park greenhouses

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The project aims to give new life to the greenhouse ruins of the Querini Park, and to allow Vicenza’s citizens reclaim their relationship with those spaces.

The restoration of the Greenhouses aims to preserve each surviving historical element, using a contemporary language for new intervention. The goal is to adapt new functions to historic buildings, defining a graceful opposition in the dialogue between new and the old.

There are three main areas of intervention to allow the reuse of the Querini Park’s greenhouses complex.

The first and most important is the reuse of the original volumes of the hot and cold greenhouse, through the construction of a new roofing made of a metal structure with an asymmetric structural rhythm.

The second area is the restoration of the ancient tower’s volume: through the removal of rubble, a new level is created and a new roof allows for the creation of an educational area.

The project also includes a new path made of a metal structure that allows a closer visual relationship with the north side of the historical wall, as well as a high degree of accessibility.

The third area concerns the definition of secondary functions related to the Querini Park: the refreshment area and toilets.  At the moment the first area of intervention is finished.


Material Used:
1. Facade cladding: Iron Grid, Custom,
2. Flooring: Colored concrete, Custom
3. Windows: Iron, Custom
4. Roofing: Iron Grid, Glass Skylight, Custom

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