’Qinghua Garden’ community centre

’Qinghua Garden’ community centre

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’Qinghua Garden’ community centre

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The three-level commercial building marks and dominates the entrance area of a residential compound composed of mainly single villas and town houses and only a smaller proportion of high-rise buildings.

The two wings of the building form an embracing, welcoming gesture towards the outside; at the same time they frame an interior entrance plaza which opens up to a lake as the most attractive landscape element of the community.

The facades made of red-colored brick (originally planned in white natural stone) are intended to create an elegant, solid and rather classical atmosphere. The brick material matches the European style town houses of the Western part of the development. Advertisement will be limited and discreet in style in order to fit into the intended appearance and quality level.

The building is hosting several small shops and a supermarket in the ground floor. In the 2nd and 3rd floor three restaurants with roof terraces are accommodated, as well as offices for property management and community services.

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