Alexander Angelovskiy


SVOYA studio en tant que Concepteurs.

The creation of the "PURR" store began with a trip to Seoul by its creators. Having fallen in love with k-pop culture, as well as the work of Korean designers of clothing and accessories, the idea of opening a jewelry and accessories store was born.

The architects were faced with the task of creating a comfortably recognizable space that reflects the origins of the brand. As well as a lot of attention was paid to the development of commercial equipment with the use of new materials.

As the main concept, the idea of conveying the atmosphere of Seoul's retail outlets with all their layers, prints, combination of light, color compositions, and at the same time, high technology was adopted.

The commercial equipment in the salon is made neutral, highlighting the exposure. The cash register area is accentuated. The composition of multi-layered colored glass with neon inscriptions, overlapping and reflecting in each other, creates a spectacular multi-faceted volume.

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