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Puntukurnu Aboriginal Medical Services Healthcare

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Kaunitz Yeung Architecture recognised in two award categories at the European Healthcare Design Awards

Kaunitz Yeung Architecture en tant que Architectes.

Sydney based Kaunitz Yeung Architecture have been recognised at one of the world’s most prestigious healthcare and architecture design awards, winning the ‘Design for Health & Wellness’ category and receiving a Highly Commended in the ‘Healthcare Design (Under 25,000 sqm)’ category at the 2021 European Healthcare Design Awards.

The Newman Health Clinic in Western Australia was commissioned by the Puntukurnu Aboriginal Medical Services (PAMS) and despite the challenges of the pandemic was completed on time and within budget in July 2020.

Sydney-based firm Kaunitz Yeung Architecture have won the Design for Health & Wellness category and received a  highly commended in the Healthcare Design (under 25,000 sqm) category at the European Healthcare Design Awards, adding to their impressive list of international awards for their design of the Puntukurnu Aboriginal Medical Services Healthcare Hub in Newman, Western Australia.

The prestigious awards celebrate and recognise shining examples of design projects and innovations in healthcare, which raise the bar in healthcare design and service delivery in Europe and across the globe. 

Kaunitz Yeung Architecture is well known and internationally awarded for their work in remote Aboriginal communities and Director David Kaunitz says Newman is the culmination of more than a decade of working and living in remote Aboriginal communities and integrates design, sustainability, clinical and prefabrication techniques from several earlier projects.

“We believe best practice buildings should be available to all Australians and are thrilled that the Newman Health Clinic has been recognised in two award categories in such a prestigious, international environment.

“This recognition highlights that high quality, international award-winning architecture is not a matter of cost, but commitment and true collaboration with the people for whom the buildings are being designed and built for.

“The work we do has set new benchmarks for working in and with Aboriginal communities and demonstrates what is possible when true collaboration takes place. We have learnt so much over the years from working with Aboriginal communities and our clients and without their belief, wisdom and generosity, this outcome would not have been possible.”

The clinic, which was commissioned by the Puntukurnu Aboriginal Medical Services (PAMS) and located 12000kms north of Perth in the remote town of Newman, has been well received in the community with over 12,000 patient visits since opening at the end of July 2020.

A 150kW rooftop photovoltaic system delivering the largest solar power rooftop in the area is a standout feature providing close to 100% solar energy and saving PAMS thousands in operating costs.

Robby Chibawe, CEO of PAMS, said, “The respectful and collaborative approach by Kaunitz Yeung Architecture with the Martu Elders and communities has created a deep sense of ownership and pride in this health centre amongst the local community.

“Designing, creating and delivering a new building on time and within a tight budget is hard enough, let alone in the midst of global pandemic, but David and his team did just that with an abundance of professionalism and care.”

Kaunitz Yeung Architecture have built a strong reputation in collaborating with communities, stakeholders and end users to produce internationally recognised architecture within modest budgets that places people at the centre of buildings.  They have a significant body of award-winning architecture and have worked in more than 30 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island communities, 200 Pacific Island communities as well as in Asia.


Key features of the Newman Health Clinic include:
●      The use of sustainable materials - the building has been constructed exclusively with earth from the site, also known as rammed earth, which reduces the embodied energy of the building which would have otherwise been clad in manufactured materials transported from Perth 1400km away or concrete. Rammed earth creates a human and intuitive connection to its place.

●      State of the art insulation which assists in keeping the heat out - essential for the 40-50 degree Summer temperatures Newman often experiences

●      A 150kW rooftop photovoltaic system delivering the largest solar power rooftop in the area which will offer a 13% increase in power to the local community as well as providing 85% of the medical clinic’s own electricity (according to Australian Photovoltaic Institute data)

●      A sheltered courtyard which uses sustainable Australian hardwoods, minimising the heat effect. Downpipes replace spouts which guide the water into a central swale planted with mature Eucalyptus Vitrix, which were already there and remain on site

●      Modular prefabricated on-site infill construction and artwork from the local community -  Kaunitz Yeung advised on the types of art that would suit the fabrication techniques, but the art was chosen by the community represented by the PAMS board, made up of community representatives. The art is transcribed in a time-consuming process by the architects into a drawing that enables fabrication and maintains the integrity of the artwork. The resultant art screens form window protection on most windows and the entry gates. The window screens filter light into the rooms causing changing projections into the room.

●      The landscaping ecologically repairs the degrade site with endemic species and shades the building. Over 2000 local endemic plants were used to create low maintenance, robust and relevant landscaping. 

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