Puerto Orchid Pavilion

Puerto Orchid Pavilion

Studio Eiraji
Oaxaca, Mexico | View Map

Puerto Orchid Pavilion by Studio Eiraji

Studio Eiraji en tant que Architecture Firm.

Iranian-Turkish practice-studio, Studio Eiraji, has finished its latest proposal for Orchid Pavilion at Casa Wabi, Puerto, Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico. 

This international design competition was set to select the best design for a pavilion design which contains all needed details of the place.

Principal Architect Javad Eiraji and design manager Ali Judaki with their young-architects team tried to use simplicity and vernacular materials and design thinking method in design process of this project.


 Paying Attention to the main function of the project, a pavilion for the growing of many different species of orchids in the Oaxaca coast and also including a space for an educational program on these species, caused this project to be focused on different aspects.

The pavilion respects the gardens and landscape of the region and engages in a dialogue with nearby pavilions and the mission of the foundation. Combining the tradition and modernity in form and materials, economical aspects and the budget of the project, paying attention to the human and the nature around and their relationship with architectural design of the project are some other important factors of the project.

The interior design of the project also creates a fresh atmosphere for orchids and also the users may have educational goals inside. The design is an easy and simple project to be constructed and built and all factors such as form, materials, exterior and interior designs match each other.



Puerto Orchid Pavilion 

Architecture Firm: Studio Eiraji

Principal Architect: Javad Eiraji

Design Manager: Ali Judaki

Design Team: Elnaz Tofighi, Golsa Zerangi

Organizer: Casa Wabi 

Project Status: Competition Proposal 

Year: 2021 

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