Public transport node Voorburg

Public transport node Voorburg

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Public transport node Voorburg

Posad spatial strategies en tant que Urbanistes.

The station area of Voorburg may be regarded as one of the most important transportation hubs of the Haaglanden district. In the eighties, railroads and highway were elevated and tram, bus and city traffic were positioned beneath the viaduct. This improved the flow of traffic, but at the same time divided historic city structures. In the years to come, several attempts were made to mend this scar but it became clear the solution should entail an emphasis on quality.

The promenade

Offers a robust and secure pedestrian route between the historic center and the Binckhorst business park. The 600 metre long route structures and connects the different functions of the transport hub with landscape and park. Instead of denying the large overpass, it uses the superimposed diagonal line to bring balance to the various historic layers and functions.

Optimal transit

The transit between the different ways of transport is simplified and the passengers will experience a clear, pleasant and safe public area. Aside from the masterplan, POSAD will design various architectural elements like the tram stop, benches and lighting elements. The station square will have a multifunctional character, so markets and other social gatherings are an option.

Spatial options

The Voorburg station will function as the main public transportation hub for the Binckhorst businesspark, being one of the key urban developments of the Haaglanden region in the decades to come. The urban plan provides a solution that transcends the municipal boundaries and will provide a future-proof alternative for high quality public transport.

“ If you limit your design to a single scale, the plan will fail in the complete context," according to POSAD principal Han Dijk, referring to the complex coherence between the different scales of the project.

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