Public Market Rehabilitation

Public Market Rehabilitation

OOIIO Architecture
Roquetas de Mar, Spain | View Map
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Recycling and enhancing the evocative existing roof we generate a cheap and cool new building!

OOIIO Architecture en tant que Architectes.

Enhancing that evocative roof is what we understand as the great opportunity to highlight of the project and get an excellent contemporary market with minimal cost.

It is intended to highlight and take advantage the best part of current disused building : the roof. This deck is remarkable and it has its own style , is able to evoke the past, and even it remembers the nearby sea. The most interesting thing is already there ! There is no need to build it , we just use a value enhancement strategy. 1 – We decided to remove all items that are not structure from the previous market, leaving them completely naked. 2 – After stripping the structure, we decided to eliminate the podium on which the present building rises, surely it was designed for gain some height and put the whole building to the height of trucks, solving the loading of material . Today trucks incorporate hydraulic platforms to load and this platform is not necessary anymore. We see that the pillars down to the street level , so we propose match all the building the height with its surroundings , getting two things : make it much more accessible and linked to the city ; Cover and get even higher and more representative for users. 3 – We propose a skin made by wood slats that surrounds the existing structure without ever touching it , sometimes it keeps before the structure other times protects the structure and sometimes goes into the street and exposed , creating a series of incoming and outgoing perimeter , some in shade , some not, with great intentionality and containing the whole program of activities associated with the market. Allowing users access a whole world of shopping , smells , colors, sounds and magical characters that make up the market ,people must go through this wooden slat skin and go behind the scenes seeing what happens in there under the protection of our deck. 4 – The skin of slat embraces a small lightweight pavilions built by us.We will place the secondary programs that should be especially heated or ventilated as freezers , warehouses, offices, cafeteria , Gastrobar , etc. . They are strategically located in the areas according to the characteristic of the facade particularly where they are and their relationship with the city. So we located the Gastrobar and cafeteria at the main streets this way it´s more useful and gets bigger audiences , encouraging the creation of terraces on the esplanade designed around the building. However at the less busy streets we situate the load area related with warehouses and freezers and offices for administration and control products . 5 – We propose some modular structures for sales point inside the market, studied and designed with lightweight, inexpensive materials, but easy to clean and very visual to promote the business. It makes people remember the greenhouses, which are one of the symbols of the city of Roquetas and getting this way emotionally identify the user with the building. _The use of lighting and transparent color in the plastic materials as facade, we can get a singular market and very attractive in a cheap way

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