Prova Pilot - Salou d’Estiu

Prova Pilot - Salou d’Estiu

LoCa Studio

Núria Salvadó
Salou, Tarragona, Spain | View Map
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Adrià Goula

Prova Pilot - Salou d’Estiu

LoCa Studio en tant que Architectes.

The perimeter of Av. CarlesBuigas de Salou, mainly a tourist area, is subject to a big commercial pressure. The administrative tolerance towards the private sector has allowed the space between the buildings and the sidewalk to be occupied by the extension of the commercials, modifying the section of the road and substantially conditioning the quality of the space.

Since 2013, a group of researchers from the URV and UPC has been working on the diagnosis and preparation of proposals for the regeneration of the CarlesBuigas area, commissioned by the City Council of Salou. In order to test the acceptance of the people and analyze in situ some solutions proposed to the City Council on the use of urban and commercial space, it is established the execution of a pilot test during the summer of 2017, prior to the writing of a definitive proposal for renewal of the area.

The fundamental approach of the temporary intervention is to invert the usual priority, giving preference to the pedestrian instead of the vehicle, while celebrating the transformation of the street by involving citizens in this change. It is an action that aims to make visible with few resources a new way of occupying spaces beyond the pre-established limits. Taking into account the temporality and the ephemeral use of the intervention, it is decided to work with elements that facilitate their assembly and deconstruction. The use of recycled and / or reused elements facilitates and reduces the cost of the intervention.

Selected at XIV BEA, Spanish Bienal of Architecture and Urbanism.

Selected at FAD in the category Ephemeral Interventions 2018.

Finalist of the awards SArch, S.ARCH 2018 ,URBAN / LANDSCAPE PROJECTS.

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