Prossima Fermata – Ice cream laboratory

Prossima Fermata – Ice cream laboratory

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Prossima Fermata – Laboratorio di gelateria

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The renovation of a small shop that revolves around the figure of its master craftsman. An architectural and communication project in collaboration with the graphic studio Atto. In artisan workshops, the expert has a fundamental role: Curzio, the shop's master ice-cream maker, gives value to the product with his skills. Starting from an observation of his attentive and scientific work method, the work focuses on the concept of "ice-cream workshop", in which the sales space and the manufacturing area are merged.


The architectural and communication projects become one so as to produce a coherent and significant space in its entirety. There were three key points of the renovation: a burgundy colour swimming pool, a monolithic counter and the reorganisation of a group of refrigerators. Three natural materials were used: linoleum, stone and wood. A section of the walls and floor were covered with burgundy linoleum, marking a kind of colourful pool linking the workshop with the shop space. This material change highlights the counter and minimises the technical and functional layers.


The ice cream counter, with a square and monolithic shape, is covered with slabs of grit, a simple material that recalls genuine traditional values. The flavours are recounted through a wall of wooden frames containing separate data sheets, a kind of periodic table for ice cream. The group of existing refrigerators, which display fresh and seasonal fruits, has been inserted into a wooden frame so as to be integrated into the space with increased functionality.

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