Pronat office building

Pronat office building

Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia
Don Benito, Spain | View Map

Pronat office building

Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia en tant que Architectes.

On a great esplanade of concrete like one more piece of the industrial process. A line to north and a broken line to the south. In the north front big hollows are opened to give the maximum light to the zone of work. The south front is totally closed, allowing the lighting of the minor volumes from the laterals.

The program is divide in two types of spaces, one of work in opened spaces and other more private, attached one to another. This scheme is taken to the whole project. The extension of working places temporarily, according to the moment of the year, is absorbed by the opened zone. Thus the distribution can change easily, without spaces of traffic. The access takes place in the south front between two of the emergent boxes.

Three differentiated zones; a zone of administration, other one of fieldwork and other one more public, of reception, meetings and toilets. In addition a small keeper housing joined the building, with every zone being to work independently of the rest.

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