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Townhouse is a two-storey small house located near a forest in the city of Brovary, near Kyiv. The customer is a young guy who is engaged in 3d and motion design, who loves movies and an active lifestyle. The challenge was to create the perfect bachelor's lair and then transform it into a home for a young couple.

The main reference for the future project’s style was Stanley Kubrick's “A Clockwork Orange” movie. Wood and light walls perfectly emphasized the existing architecture, and a checker-like floor in the bathroom became a reference not only to Kubrick, but also to the “Terminator” movie. The first floor supports the White Box design concept. Plaster walls and self-leveling floors create the basis for stringing bright furniture and decor like beads on a thread. Thus, we got a bright, modern interior that does not overload with many details.

The entrance and the living room are separated by a partition made on one side with a mirror and veneer on the other. The elements of the partition are movable and can create compositions of statics and dynamics, as well as help with a mirror before the entrance. The living room combines gray with a light concrete texture, wood elements and vibrant colors to create accents. Almost all furniture is custom- made. The apron in the kitchen supports the bathroom element on the second floor. Round shades are a special feature of this interior. In a similar configuration, they can be found in every room of the house and they are all custom- made. For example, the design of the luminaire above the dining table emerged as a result of the client's concerns about whether the interior had enough male spirit. The wall lamp at the entrance with the same shade is framed by a glass panel and a shelf for keys. Two lamps in the bedroom are two lights with an “occupied” signal on them. In the office, there is a fluorescent lamp near the table with a reference to the "Blade Runner 2049” movie, and on the table is a vintage desk lamp from the 70s. The bedroom wardrobe is illuminated in neon blue and opens with a curtain that extends along the entire wall to the window.


Material Used :
1. Entrance group: Custom-made furniture 
2. Living room: Custom-made kitchen, custom-made chandelier, Normann chairs, custom-made sofa, custom-made tables
3. Bedroom: Custom-made furniture 
4. Office: Desalto chair, Ian Felton chair, Zanotta table

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ChairDesalto spa
ChairsNormann Copenhagen
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