Project No. 347 - Mulgoa House

Project No. 347 - Mulgoa House

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David Kulesza

Project No. 347 - Mulgoa House

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The Mulgoa is a sequence of spaces that harness an interconnected relationship between the indoors and outdoors.

The design ethos for the Mulgoa was to bring all elements of the home together to play a part in layering texture, tone and contrast. An interior with strong, moody elements through its choice of materials, fittings and detailing, the Mulgoa’s design emanated from the desire to facilitate a functional arrangement, while prioritising flow throughout the home.

Intricate detailing such as steel framed showers and mirrors, curved oak joinery and custom marble tiles deliver a contemporary home that is both refined in its design and practical in its nature.

The Mulgoa provides a seamless amalgamation of spaces and one where the boundary between design and landscape blurs.

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