Project No. 346 - Exon House

Project No. 346 - Exon House

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Dave Kulesza

Project No. 346 - Exon House

mckimm en tant que Développeurs.

Combining panoramic views of Port Phillip Bay and the Melbourne city skyline, the Exon residence covers four levels and includes traditional design elements from the client’s Swiss background.

There was a real delight in designing this project. The clients drew a sketch on paper of ideas they had and invited the mckimm design team through their existing home to ascertain the feel they were trying to achieve for the Exon residence. A key requirement for the clients was to incorporate many design features and finishes that saluted their European background by combining old and new elements in a juxtaposed manner.

The interior tones of the Exon are dark and moody but softened by natural light and intricate detailing. Design elements are carried through each level to facilitate connection between all living zones and clean symmetrical lines are harmonised by materiality, spatiality and passages of natural light. The Exon design was contemporary in its execution, but preserved rustic elements such as recycled brick, railway sleepers and recycled timber were incorporated into the design to add character, texture and contrast.

Despite its vast volumes and size, the Exon facilitates a functional arrangement that promotes interconnection throughout the home. The design was a true collaboration between client and the entire mckimm team. Layering modern finishes with rustic European elements, we were able to create a warm, but expansive home for the family of five.

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