Private Residence “over the Nagold” in Rohrdorf

Private Residence “over the Nagold” in Rohrdorf

KTP Kauffmann Theilig & Partner
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Private Residence “over the Nagold” in Rohrdorf

KTP Kauffmann Theilig & Partner en tant que Architectes.

A slope to the north and the development of the site from the south was a big challenge. The solution is a punctiform residential tower that is pushed into the slope. The bottom floor is integrated in the slope and it’s ceiling provides the entry for the residential tower. The southward orientated garden generates the necessary distance towards the neighbourhood and an airy pergola defines the scope of the site towards the street.

The bottom floor is for the parents: sleeping-room, bath, sauna and the living-room with exit to the garden. The ground floor is for the whole family: eating, kitchen and playing. The southbound entry-garden could be connected with bounteous sliding doors. With straight connection to the ground floor the chil-dren live in the first floor like in a tree house. A spiral staircase develops the roof floor with studio and guest area. The site was analysed with under geo-biological point of view and the results are integrated in the concept.

The pre-fabricated facade out of larch-wood swings like a curtain around the punctiform floor plan. Careful cutted apertures enlighten the rooms and enable a wonderful sight and the closeness to nature. The house needs no sunscreen on the outside because the apertures are either orientated with a wonderful sight to the north or cutted deep in the south so that additional balconies are providing the necessary clouding and at the same time the flat incidence of light in the transition time from autumn to spring could be used. The light de-cline of the facade prevent the wainscot a noticeably from weathering.

The used materials inside create a friendly and warm atmosphere. The undis-guised concrete ceilings are painted in a sunny light yellow tone. Vibrant floors of larch-wood as well as wooden interior compensate the harsh concrete sur-face. Self-confident but also self-evident the unusual house rises at the slope.

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