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Private Home Lotz

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LOTZ en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

A beautiful villa designed by Lotz is located in Ibiza, Spain. The villa is located on a hill and offers distant sea views. Different terraces create different environments to enjoy. The house itself is laid out on two levels with a large open plan living area, including 5 double en-suite bedrooms, 3 separate guest rooms, a laundry room and a garage.


Private House Lotz - Luxury Project in Ibiza

KARMAN Srl en tant que Lamps.

There are many styles available for furnishing a luxury environment, but only one name unites the luxury lighting and design of these environments: Karman, whose designer lamps are able to offer not only functional but artistic and decorative lighting, as in the lighting design projects created for luxury structures in Ibiza.
As you surely know, Ibiza is one of the Balearic islands, surrounded by nature and rich in culture, as well as fun, both day and night. Land declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the beauty of its beaches and coves rival that of the inland landscapes: pure pleasure for the eye and the senses.In a context like this, light plays an important role, both in functionality and design, especially because we are talking about one of the most sought after destinations in the world.

In Ibiza, natural light reigns supreme, as the light scenarios paint very suggestive views of artistic beauty in the sky. If on the one hand these artistic scenarios created by natural light play their part to attract tourists, on the other they make life very difficult for those who decide to do a lighting design project for homes and accommodation facilities; the challenge that nature gives us is to create a lighting project suitable for the surrounding atmosphere, concerning lighting function and, not least, the design.

No matter how functional a lamp may be, if its design does not adapt to its environment, it will only depreciate the rooms in which it is inserted, that’s why you should choose a lamp that doesn’t clash and isn’t banal.

The company Karman, excited by the peculiarity of the project, accepted the challenge to create a luxury project in Ibiza, which is not at all easy.


The luxury lighting project for a private house in Ibiza was taken over by Lotz, which deals with interior design projects.Turning to us at Karman, we found ourselves faced with a complicated but stimulating project, to which we had to respond most appropriately.It is undeniable that the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Ibiza is fun, clubs and nights full of revelry and joy.

But another side of the island is often unjustly ignored, especially by younger people, that is, the charm of its landscapes, its tropical climate and, perhaps above all, the profound suggestiveness of the light at sunset.Wanting to make a play on words, here is the lighting: Kimono!

Glass filaments saturated in resin and colour are processed with a drum that rotates to create the perfect shape, creating a lamp that gives real emotions, through the soft and fascinating effect of its light that meets one of Karman's most exciting designs.

Each lantern in this collection fascinates the eye and warms the heart, guarding and protecting the light as if it were born from within. Its shape does not have an end, but frays: it almost seems to fuse with the air that surrounds it, as if the light is taking on depth, enveloping and embracing everything on which it softly rests.

In our imagination, the light of the sunset recalls romance, love, passion but also relaxation and quiet, gazing towards infinity.

Karman has succeeded in transmitting all these emotions through the Kimono lamp, giving it the added value of continuity through the fringe, which gives the lamp a taste of life and the environment a modern design but with a vintage flavour.

Kimono was chosen for the luxury design project for a private home in Ibiza. It was placed on both sides of the headboard, giving warmth and emotion to the space’s luxury design, without creating any contrast with the surrounding furniture but, on the contrary, raising its value.

Furthermore, its presence in the bathroom, in an open space with the bedroom, has visually restored a continuity between the spaces, keeping the style and design of the project high. There’s no feeling of going from one room to another; the softness of light envelops the environment, accompanying the passage with extreme fluidity, leaving no room for the usual luminous contrasts that demarcate the boundary between the indoor environments.

All this is made possible thanks to the versatility of this lamp. It has been used both as a suspension lamp and an appliqué, to create a lighting effect that is not static but alive like a candle, helping you to avoid standardising the rooms but, on the contrary, giving you the impression of a living, moving space.

Thanks to the uniqueness of the Kimono lamp, Karman's worked with the interior designer Lotz to take on the challenge.We have seen the characteristics that make the Kimono lamp unique and how these features can give a certain value to the interiors of a luxury home.However, the great contribution that this lamp is able to give to outdoor environments must not to be overlooked.Always remaining in the luxury of Ibiza, Karman realised the lighting design project for Hard Rock Café Beach, the beach club of the luxurious Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza.

The space conveys a mix of prestige and exclusivity, whose premises are positioned in order to create continuity from the indoors to the outdoors. The lighting design integrates into the structure, creating a luminous setting that emphasises the architecture of the space and the finishes of each environment. At the same time, the lamps create plays of light and shadows that recall a highly suggestive atmosphere.

In this location, you can recognise the sign of the Karman lamps. Together with the Plancton and Moby Dick lamps, which are always part of the Karman collections, Kimono furnishes the luxury environment, highlighting the style of the location through a design that perfectly integrates with the space and the furniture in which it is placed.


It should be noted that natural light, passing through the architectural structure, reflects the motifs on the body of the lamps. This phenomenon only further reinforces the aesthetics of the Kimono lamp’s shape, harmonising perfectly with the effects of the surrounding environment.Therefore, it is clear that the Kimono lamp design by Karman is extremely versatile and adaptable to any luxury location and never loses sight of the characteristics that make it unique in its genre; nevertheless, it is always at the service of the environment in which it is installed.

This is possible because its design accurately reflects the nature of its light that adapts to the environment by wrapping it in a luminous embrace, whose intensity depends on the emotions that the location intends to give rise to in its guests.

As you have noticed, the Kimono lamp by Karman is the perfect choice for a luxury lighting project, as it has all the features that are useful for this type of environment. Its elegant style makes it adaptable to any context in this sector, and its particular design makes it so inimitable, transmitting its uniqueness to the environment it illuminates, which inevitably absorbs its particularities, returning them to the eyes of those who experience those spaces in the form of suggestions, which vary according to the nature of the environment.

It goes without saying that every luxury environment would be extremely enhanced by the features of the Kimono lamp by Karman, which, with its design, manages to combine the past and present, giving a certain lustre to the structure and furnishings, without ever neglecting the functionality of modern technology.

These effects are designed and desired by Karman, which researches the most suitable materials to represent precisely the kind of suggestion and style that the lamp must have.

In this case, the material that best lends itself to the luminous purpose of the Kimono lamp is fibreglass; the creation of a product with this material involves the overlapping of one or more layers of fabric (felt or glass yarn) which are then covered with a particular polyester type resin.

After the latter has hardened, the whole structure takes on a remarkable consistency, while maintaining excellent elasticity, impermeability, resistance to vibrations and low weight.

Karman is one of the few companies to use, among others, this material to make its designer lamps. Using fibreglass to create the Kimono lamp is a technical choice due to the characteristics that this material gives to the finished product but also a style choice because it is suitable for recreating a lamp that exudes life, despite having a decidedly modern design.

Because of its style, its functionality and the physical characteristics with which it was created, Kimono by Karman was the solution that best suited the luxury lighting design projects mentioned above, although they are of a completely different nature as the first concerned a private luxury home and the second the exterior of one of the most luxurious and fashionable places in Ibiza.

For the same reasons, the Kimono lamp by Karman can be a solution for your lighting design project for luxury environments.

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