Private Country House

Private Country House

white design house
Amman, Jordan
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Designing for an amazing view

white design house en tant que Architectes.

Inspired by the fleeting lines of the terrain, and the undulating levels leading to the cliff, the massing rolls out in uninterrupted geometry. The lines and forms are very minimal. The massing centers around the views rather than imposing a monumental geometry. From a distance the masses would be flowing along the lines of the terrain.

Likewise, the interior definition of spaces relies on the continuity with the surrounding landscape colors and lines. The inner spaces witness the roughness of nature yet are smoothed by the refined textures of porcelain and glass. Sunlight traces filter into the interior gently, in a sculptural path. Natural light seeps in, bordering the natural looking formations of seating opportunity and furnishings. The interior looks almost carved out the natural surroundings, with a layer of smooth artifact. The relation of materials is barely meeting, leaving shadow gaps emulating a coexistence between the man made and the natural.

This translates into purist geometry in elements that are added, versus an organic formation of shapes that are inherent to the site.

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