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Prism by Ines Esnal + Studio Esnal

Ines Esnal en tant que Concepteurs.

Prism brings vibrant color and optical illusion to the lobby of a new residential building at 205 Water Street, Dumbo, NY.

Made of triangular surfaces of elastic colored rope, the installation provides a powerful contrast to the concrete walls of the industrial-style lobby. Simple, curving geometries intersect, creating volumes of lit space. As the visitor walks the lobby ramp, transversal views combine the sculpture's three modules into dynamic alternate perspectives.

The artist, also an architect, was in charge of designing the building’s lobby, constructed entirely of concrete. The installation, positioned along the wall’s joint lines, acts as a filter of color to emphasize the concrete material. The zenithal light becomes rays of color like an optical prism.

Prism represents the leap of the artist’s drawings into a three-dimensional space where the abstract lines of her prints become tangible, allowing for a new material experience of her graphic work.

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