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14 town-houses in the PP-02 sector Los Molinos in Getafe (Madrid).

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Carrillo Arquitectos | Forma y Espacio (CA|FE) is a Ofiice of architecture in design as an integral part of functional and rational aesthetics. CA|FE operates within the fields of architecture, urban planning, interior design, landscape design, product design, research and development.

CA|FE present a project of 14 townhouses, located in Los Molinos de Getafe (Madrid), 4-bedroom apartments divided into two levels: ground floor and first floor. This housing model shares the same organization with a constructed area of 146 m2. The dwellings are paired two by two, making the vertical prism common. They mark a firmness in its horizontality within the fabric generated in the Los Molinos sector. This set of 14 semi-detached houses are made up of a single pill crushed by more vertical volumes where lodges are lodged.


The 14 houses is located in the new neighborhood of Los Molinos of the Municipality of Getafe in the Community of Madrid.


These semi-detached houses share an exterior façade in a continuous way finished with a white skin that contrasts with a second skin, is in the background. The upper floor is framed with an element with a top element as a brisolei or parasol, to protrude coinciding with the separation wall between townhouses.

In the ground floor we find an organization of pieces with areas of common use, as the staircase, a toilet, the distributor, the living-dining room, the kitchen and private use, a bedroom. Inside these houses have more fluid spaces, such as how to make the spaces versatile so that they can be diaphanous as closed in hall distributor-living-kitchen, the living room double height with a skylight on deck where the light bathes. The landing of the upper floor and the dining room, whose finishes are in tones warmer in contrast to the exterior. In the outdoor it counts on its front with an area with pergola for two cars, the access and a small garden and in its part with a garden terrace. With regard to the upper floor, we first find a hall and a distributor, to move from there to areas of private use, which are three bedrooms with two bathrooms.

FLOORS The 14 houses are housed within a rectangular, totally regular, 112m x 20m plot, where it is occupied by a continuous tablet of 112 x 9m containing the set of houses. Each house is embedded within its rectangular plot of 8 x 20m (160m2) in which the ground floor of the apartment occupies an area of about 8 x 9m exhausting this building in its two floors above ground.


The qualities have been applied with the care and criterion that the set of houses has been designed, so much that the outside as in its interior one speaks the same language in its design and thought so that the user who is going to inhabit a house, Premium Los Molinos, feels comfortable from the first day.

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