Polimeks Turkmenistan Ashgabat H.Q.

Polimeks Turkmenistan Ashgabat H.Q.

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Polimeks Turkmenistan Ashgabat H.Q.

mimaristudio en tant que Architectes.

The Ashgabat Administrative Building of Polimeks, a leading company recognized around the world with its projects and construction works since 1995, has an indoor area of 8000 square meters, and was completed in 2013 after a three months design and project stage conducted by the mimaristudio team.

The headquarters consists of 6 floors: 3 for operations, 1 for management, 1 for management hosting and 1 for restaurant and social activities.

The architectural project of the building was prepared by the design group of Polimeks, while the internal design was performed by the mimaristudio team in a manner responding to the increasing business volume and the innovative vision of the company.

The building consists of two blocks designed as a core for with a horizontal and vertical axis and its surroundings. The main entrance and reception area has a contemporary design with corporate characteristics. Particularly the core area in this floor reflects the major Polimeks projects completed till date.

The floors other than the management floor have been planned as open and transparent working areas. Each operational unit has been defined with different colors selected for its floor. In addition to the foregoing, each unit in the management floor has been designed independently depending on its requirements. The construction materials, colors and details have been planned in a different concept. The main axis at the floor has been planned as a reception area and a connected distribution hall. The founders of the company have a separate waiting area, while the floor also contains managerial offices and meeting rooms. The top floor has a hosting area with a terrace.

The basement of the building has been allocated to a cafeteria as well as sports and gaming activities for the employees. Particularly the cafeteria has been designed as a dynamic resting area for the employees, rather than a corporate mess hall.

In addition to the colors emphasizing the general working areas in the interior design concept, natural materials, such as natural stones, glass, metal and wood, as well as color and product combinations emphasizing the corporate concept have been used in all details.

The lighting design has been performed specifically for each floor, together with the interior design works. The daylight levels of the floors have been established and the lighting levels necessary for comfortable working conditions have been calculated. After the relevant studies, a lighting concept completing the general interior design of the building with not only the ceiling plan, but also the colors and the product types, has been presented. In this concept, different types of products with different characteristics have been preferred for the general areas and the social areas, such as the main reception area, the managerial areas and the restaurant.

On the contrary to the previous projects developed in the region, the building has been designed with an innovating design approach, and many products have been specifically designed by mimaristudio in order to supplement the general design.

The building may be regarded as a first in terms of design and general style and it not only serves as the company’s headquarters in Turkmenistan, but also represents the Company’s leading position as a visionary.

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