Police Station in Seville
Luis Asín

Police Station in Seville

Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos en tant que Architectes.

The new police station in Seville is a detached construction that leans on the southeast edge of the site and opens up towards a circular street. The building is shaped as an irregular four-pointed star, which determines the image of the building, inspired in a panoptical model. A landscaped strip then surrounds the construction. This natural belt is extended up to the exterior fence and it naturally embraces the wings of the building. This way, the proposed volume achieves an extensive facade length with a maximum number of rooms opening towards the outdoor spaces in between the wings.

The external facade is composed in two differentiated levels. Above, a continuous suspended wall made of white concrete wraps the perimeter of the building. This skin has a corrugated appearance and looks as an uninterrupted curtain hanging from the superior slab. Beneath this solid eyeshade, a glass wrapping shelters the interior from the harsh sunlight thanks to a gradual protection that adapts itself according to changing orientations.

The programme is contained within the four wings of the star. The public areas are located right next to the entrance, behind a transparent skin that conveys an appearance of proximity to the citizen who approaches the police station. This entrance is crossed vertically by a patio-lightwell, built with blue ceramics, that separates public and internal areas. The building typology is highly adapted to its administrative use. The program is developed in two levels, one of which is partially built underground.

Green slopes that shape the external appearance of the police station protect the underground level, which hosts the internal parking area and cells.

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