Polderwerg, Oostpoort

Polderwerg, Oostpoort

Heren 5 Architecten
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Luuk Kramer

Polderwerg, Oostpoort

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In Amsterdam Polderweg (Oostpoort area,) a residential building is located with two giant stained glass windows. The building was designed by heren 5 architecten and the glasswork produced by illustrator / artist Stefan Glerum. The design of the building connects historically with the rich brick architecture of the former Oostergas-factory.

The building has two sides. On the one hand it corresponds with the dynamics of the railway tracks, on the other side it's adapts the calm of a courtyard. The 72 apartments are architecturally divided into six smaller scale facades, to make the building scale more appropriate to the environment.

The brick relief relates to the context of rich decorated buildings. In the facade zigzagged galleries are located behind descending slim brick "legs". A solid plinth in traditional masonry connects the street with the first floor through stairs.

The 18-meter high stained glass windows are located on the front- and back of the staircase and tell a colourful and pictorial story of the former Polderweg area (now Oostpoort). The windows are also visible from the train. The design refers  are included to Oostergasfabriek, the Sportfondsenbad and the former Animal Shelter as well to personal stories from the neighbourhood's history.


Material Used:
Facade cladding: Extruded brick Daas, in patterns a combination of full bricks an strips (yellow, red and brown) 
Facade detailing: Pigmented concrete
Gallery and Balconies: Pigmented concrete 
Fencing: Metal, specially designend profiles 
Glazing Entrance lobby: Stained glass designed by Steven Glerum, maker Atelier Schmidt
Window frames SG: Aluminium
Windows housing: Wood

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Glazing Entrance lobbyAtelier Schmidt
Fiche technique du produit
Glazing Entrance lobby
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