Podgorica Independence Square

Podgorica Independence Square

Studio Eiraji
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Podgorica Independence Square

Studio Eiraji en tant que Architecture Firm.

Led by Javad Eiraji, Founder and Principal Architect, architecture and design studio, Studio Eiraji, with its team Ali Judaki, Pegah Allahyari, Elnaz Tofighi, Shima Nuri, Parisa Masudi, Fatemeh Ramezanpur, Shima Ajudanian and Mahshad Fakhraeinejad has finished their recent urban and architectural proposal for Independence Square in Podgorica, Montenegro.

This square is one of the most imporatant living spaces of the city which had user access and traffic problems. So, the main aim of the competition was to solve these problems. In the other hand, the commercial and entertainment spaces around the aquare should be cared during        the design process. 

The first step of the design process was the basic studies of the city, region and the project needs. Relating out and in and also paying attention to the aesthetic aspects were some other important factors of this project.

One of the important spaces of this urban and architecture project was the parking lot which must be located at underground floors. So the relationship between entrance and exit to the site was extremely important. Controling traffic inside and outside and creating new ways for users, inviting new users to the complex and making the project extiting were some other aims of the project.

To reach these aims, not only the urban and architectural design, but also the industrial and urban furniture design, light design and landscape design of the project were done.

Selecting and proposing right materials, correct ramps inside the site, creating live spaces by green spaces and water and managing the urban spaces and architectural details are some other important parts of urban and architectural design of Independence Square in Podgorica, Montenegro by Studio Eiraji.

Architecture Firm: Studio Eiraji 

Principal Architect: Javad Eiraji 

Design Manager: Ali Judaki

Design Team: Elnaz Tofighi, Shima Nuri, Parisa Masudi, Fatemeh Ramezanpur, Marjan Ghahremani , Mahshad Fakhraeinejad, Pegah Allahyari and Shima Ajudanian

Client: Department of Spatial Planning, Municiplity of Podgorica City

Location: Podgorica, Montenegro

Statue: Competition Proposal

Year: 2020

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