Playgarden restaurant 't Schalienhuis - Loenhout B

Playgarden restaurant 't Schalienhuis - Loenhout B

Amandus VanQuaille
Loenhout, Wuustwezel, Belgium | View Map
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Children need serious architecture too

NOMAD CONCEPT en tant que Tensile Architecture.

It’s true: children need serious architecture too. But the reverse is also true: adults need playtime too.

The aim was to cover this playgarden both against rain and sun. But a sand playground does not function when the sand is too dry, as the sand gets fluid. To make a sand castle, one needs sand and moisture. And what about too much shadow on the sand? Certainly, in spring and autumn it can be nice to play in warm sand. In summer time it’s dangerous to play in full sunlight because of UV.

Nomad Concept created an interesting shade sail, with 2 large loops in the tops. Those loops have many advantages:

-         extraction of heat. The heat does not remain trapped in the tops of the tensile structure.

-         it allows a limited amount of rain. When it rains, children automatically go a little further

-         a nice shadow/light play on the ground, which is more interesting than 1 large flat shadow

-         from engineering point of view: the loop spreads the force concentrations of the tops. Instead of concentrating the snow loads on 1 single top, the tensions are spread over the full length of the loop edge

The sail structure is very successful from the point of view of the client, a restaurant. Parents can sit on the terraces next to the playground or in the restaurant and watch their children playing. But at the same time, they can enjoy sitting a long time at the table, while the children enjoy playing. And the restaurant is pleased, because clients stay longer and drink a coffee with a nice desert. 3 times a winner.

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