Plan Effect Systeemwanden

Plan Effect Systeemwanden

Geldermalsen, Netherlands
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Entropal BV


Aluminium window and door systems & solar façades for Plan Effect Systeemwanden

Entropal BV en tant que Fabricants.

Entropal BV, located in The Netherlands (Geldermalsen) is producer of aluminium façade systems, aluminium window and door systems, sliding systems and design façade solutions. Our aluminium solutions are suitable for the renovation market and new buildings. Quality is one of the main important priorities of Entropal. To ensure quality we often use aluminium systems of Schüco.

Entropal is specialized in the production of custom made aluminium solutions. We made aluminium window and door systems and solar façade systems for Plan Effect Systeemwanden, located in The Netherlands.

More information about our aluminium systems could be found on

Plan Effect Systeemwanden

JCVANKESSEL Groep en tant que Architectes.

For this modern company we designed a sleek contemporary building with a warm subdued color scheme. It has a striking location in the center of the Netherlands. The facades of the office are made predominantly in curtain walls with horizontal lines with warm gray dyed glass.

We choose to have part of the third story ‘jump out’, to give the building a playful façade with varying shadow effects. A heavier masonry block (black manganese) in the corner of the office building provides balance to the facade. Defying the proportions in this ‘heavy block’ on the first story, we created a small but width window frame. Behind is a lounge area where at seat height a wonderful panoramic view is created. Via a footbridge over the pond, the entrance of the office can be reached. Attached to the office, the production hall is situated on an area of 2000 m2 and has an additional mezzanine floor of 330 m2. The exterior of the production hall is fully consistent with the color scheme and design of the office by using masonry accents, horizontal lines with a sinusoidal wall plate and lots of glass. Inside the production hall light and space are the two most important characteristics. At the workspaces is adequate daylight and exterior views arepossible. Rooflights also provide sufficient daylight in the middle of the premises.

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