Placido Arango

Placido Arango

Elisa Valero Ramos
Granada, Spain
Année du projet

Placido arango

Elisa Valero Ramos en tant que Architectes.

1. Compacted natural terrain, 95% proctor 2. Anti-humidity air chamber 3. Cleaning concrete HM-10-B20-IIB, 10 cm 4. Bentonita waterproofing sheeting 5. Running footing of reinforced concrete HA-25-B20-IIB, 40cm thick, see foundation plans 6. One shore made with solid brick 7. Limestone flooring 80x80x3cm 8. Containment wall of HA-25-b-20-IIb concrete reinforced, 20cm thick, see structure plans 9. Limestone kickboard of 1 cm flush with vertical wall. 10. Laminated steel cover plate constituting a frame for the skylight opening with round rods welded to the plaque and anchored in the slab 11. Unidirectional flooring slab (25+5) of semi-resistant joists, concrete floor arches 25 cm and 5 cm compression layer 12. Solid reinforced concrete flooring slab HA-25-B-20-IIB, 25cm thick, see structure plans 13. Sheet-rock lining (pladur) with omega moldings screwed to floor and thermal insulation included. Total thickness 5 cm (1.5+3.5cm). 14. Light concrete for creating ramps 15. Resin waterproofing layer 16. River gravel thin grain 17. Filtering geo-textile felt 18. Plant soil 19. Grass 20. Skylights composed of: 8+8 safety glass on the outside and 8+8 inside, with a solar protection layer and a 20mm intermediate air space 21. Sheet-rock lining partition with auxiliar structure 22. Space for instalations

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