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Piero Ottaviano

Renovation of two housing unities by Building Engineering ( located in the “Residence di Pinamare”

Building en tant que Architectes.

The housing complex is characterized by its pertinent integration with the ligurian environmental context. Through the creation of a succession of beachfront terracing lying on a slope field, each floor of the housing complex has the possibility of having a suggestive terrace facing the bay, therefore providing the real sensation of being in a ground floor villa on the beach. The housing unities affected by the renovation are adjacent and located on the sixth and last floor of the Residence. This being a privileged position, it is exploited for the accommodation of the vast beach front terrace and of the garden situated uphill towards the secondary complex’s access street. The broad glass windows are the flexible wings that separate the interior environment from the exterior one, creating therefore the possibility of expanding towards the sea the white, luminous and welcoming living rooms. The bedrooms and the bathrooms are meanwhile located on the rear, overlooking uphill towards the quiet and fresh slope’s pinewood. The garden develops itself in a succession of different areas alongside the path; green fields of resting areas over wood planking and around an evocative expanse of water contribute to make them magical. During the day, through the natural ligurian environment and by night, through a carefully projected illumination system made possible by the most highly sophisticated home automation technologies.

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