Pina Cerâmica Studio

Pina Cerâmica Studio

Alvorada Arquitetos
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Pedro Kok

Pina Cerâmica Studio

Alvorada Arquitetos en tant que Architectes.

Located in the Pinheiros Neighborhood, this project has the challenge of accommodating in a lot of small dimensions, barely 4x30m, a complete installation of a ceramic’s atelier, from the fabrication of the pieces to a sales area.

The site chosen by the ceramist worked as a convenience store with a compromised structural state and several segmented spaces.  

Thinking in the possibility of a better format for the requirements of an atelier and for the security of the building, the original building was demolished, and a new construction was put in its place.

As a structural premise, lateral dividing walls in structural masonry and transversal metal W Type beams were applied. The use of a precast slab system simplified the construction due to the limitations in space inside the building.

The idea of the project was to create a neutral and pale atmosphere, so that the colors and expressions of the artist’s work of art could stand out in the middle of the architecture.

In the atelier’s entrance the sales area is located with double height space surrounded by opaque glass windows, providing a diffuse and pleasant light as to enjoy the artwork displayed on metallic shelves embedded in the walls and illuminated woodwork.

A group of small openings on the façade, serve as a showcase and generate curiosity for people that passing by. At night, these openings combined the translucent façade provide a delicate light effect.

The first floor is composed by the lobby, two trunk-benches a meeting table and a deposit under the staircase.

Following it there is a space to conduct workshops and the modelling of the artwork in which lathes were arranged under an overhead cover. Further inside, with a direct visual from anyone entering the atelier one can find a cafeteria, restrooms, and an outside garden.

On the second floor the ceramics are cooked inside electric furnaces which then follow towards the enameling room where it is possible to view who are in the sales area through the double height space available.

Metallic carts built in iron function as dividers and help to transport the artwork in each floor.

On top, the third floor provides more space for additional lathes and works also as a recreational space, with terraces that look onto the street and towards the interior of the property.

The staggered format of the project was thought to favor the entrance of natural light and ventilation, minimizing the need of artificial illumination during the day.

With a different format of regular commercial store, Pinheiros wins a new and cozy space oriented towards the art and beauty of everyday objects.


Material Used:
1. Facade cladding: opaque glass 
2. Flooring: burnt cement
3. Doors: aluminum
4. Windows: aluminum
5. Roofing: waterproofed slab
6. Interior lighting: LED (IPEL Iluminação) 

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Interior lightingIPEL Iluminação
Fiche technique du produit
Interior lighting
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