Philtre - The Bistro

Philtre - The Bistro

CDA Architects
Gurgaon, Haryana, India | View Map


A Post-Modern Brewery with European Character

CDA Architects en tant que Architectes.

“Philtre” connotes a place of mystic love potion where people tend to develop fondness amongst themselves and a distinctive experience on offer. The eccentric exterior instantly draws attention, sketching the classical European balconies with falling planters and boozing folks. It creates a striking contrast with a post-modern illustration of fresh beer spilling down the facade from a barrel.

A signature European street ride parked at the ground level marks the entrance, followed by a captivating, quirky 'selfie wall'. Ascending through the stairways, the transcendental potion profiles elevate to the first-floor entrance, where an extravagant, flowing bar display wraps around the walls and the ceiling, making a bold statement. The massive brewery equipment caged in a glass box with steel honeycombs rests in the opposite corner, leaving the guests gazing into it. 

On the terrace, guests are exhilarated by two vigorous trees on either side and lush green planters strapped onto the walls creating a cosy stockade. The woody, countryside bar supplements the supply of potion, keeping the guests amused. Holistically, the architecture creates a mystic aura of the space that crusades to create a lasting impression.

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